Home for a Reader

1000 sq. ft

Chembur, Mumbai


Aug 2016 – Dec 2016

Every home should be a reflection of the identity of those who live in it and this project allowed us to truly explore that idea. This home for one revolves around a sense of independence; each space has a clear identity of its own but is united in concept. As part of a congested city, with small spaces, the space had to be extended to reach its full potential with hidden storage, single loaded walls, an open expandable kitchen and compact loose furniture.

Being a home for a true lover of books, a multi functional bookshelf was the centerpiece of the main living area and clearly represents the homeowner’s own personality.

The dining space was created by opening out the kitchen and connecting it to the living space with sliding doors that cleverly hid into the walls on either side creating a sense of openness and adaptability.

The bedroom is a paragon of efficiency. The intentional loading of one wall with all the necessary functions – wardrobe, bed and study was a tool we used to explore spatial efficiency. The recessed bed allows for convenient reading lights within the overhead storage and hidden storage was crafted into the headboard as well.

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