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Miri Mary

1000 sq. ft

Amsterdam, NetherlandS


Jan 2022 - May 2022

Modern yet rooted in the past – the restaurant is designed to step away from the kitsch aesthetic of old Indian restaurants abroad and instead present Indian food in a space that is modern, young and fresh. Miri Mary is the spatial embodiment of the contemporary Indian woman - she has rationalized the excesses of Indian traditions, rituals and culture; to internalize and adapt its essence. She represents this young and vibrant generation of people who are at par with the world while maintaining a unique unabashed ‘Indianness’


Largely inspired by the experience of dining together in a joint family – sharing food and indulging in generous conversations, the space translates that warmth and joy of connecting over meals with your family.


The material palette is rooted in earthy and homey elements from traditional Indian homes, native Indian materials and crafts. Elements and finishes native to Indian architecture are presented with a modern nod.


Drawing inspiration from several regional Indian crafts the space boasts customized handmade details in the form of textile, stone and lighting.


Terrazzo stone used at the bar and cocktail tables are reminiscent of the flooring in old Indian homes. The material that has been beautifully custom cast for the restaurant makes a come back here as it highlights the bar.

Embroidered cushions are custom designed for the space in collaboration with Morii Designs and were hand embroidered by women from a village community in Bihar.


The light sculpture above the bar is carefully crafted in banana fibre rope by Oorjaa Designs and boasts of the diverse handicrafts practised in India. Light filters fabulously through this weave giving the bar a unique ambience.



The brass grill work featured in the space are a typical and familiar motif in many Indian homes


A statement lighting installation customized and hand crafted in teak and jute fibre forms highlights the central seating booths

The modern curios in the space have been carefully selected to display Indian heritage and culture – native Indian board games, hand crafted toys and ethnic niceties found in Indian homes catch the diners’ eye.

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