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Bamboo Villa

300 sq. ft

Karjat, Maharashtra

Experimental Villa

Design Proposal

A product of form and function. The brief was simple: to create an ecologically friendly one-bed home using natural elements as much as possible. The climate here is the key driver of our thought process. Being in an arid zone with extreme temperatures the idea was to insulate and cool when necessary. Bamboo being the material of choice truly enables light to filter through the space beautifully and helps keep the interiors cool with strategic openings that enable cross ventilation to occur effectively. The footprint of the villa is minimal as the wall thickness is fairly thin with the wall detail that is custom fashioned. The furniture inside is minimal and experimental with concrete and wood being the only materials that have been used to help keep the mind decluttered. The bathroom has been designed to be close to nature and allow lots of natural light to come in.

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