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The Equestrian Resort

Situated in rural Maharashtra, STaND was asked to design a resort that married the experiences of horse riding and simple living. In order to appreciate the natural surroundings, we planned the resort along an irregularly shaped site to take advantage of the panoramic hill views and fields that bordered the space. Laterite, structural steel and tiled roof contrasts provides context for the dry arid landscape in which the resort sits. Visitors are engaged in an equestrian experience from the moment they check-in, through their journey within the property to the villas.

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The resort is designed around the raw interaction between man and horse, which is emphasised through the journey within the property. By visually opening up the horse bathing area to visitors as they enter or allowing horses to run free along the gravel path behind the villas allows guests to truly immerse themselves in the experience.

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The reception is a part load bearing and part steel structure with a pitched butterfly roof that opens to allow wondrous views while still being sheltered from the harsh southwest monsoons. A central drain allows water to fill a trough during the rains, in which horses can cool and bathe.

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The stables are designed to be open and inviting, encouraging interaction between the horses and visitors. The orientation allows the stables to be well ventilated and cool during the hot, dry summer months.

31,300 sq. metres

Karjat, India


Design Consultancy


The villas are situated at the far end of the property, which allows guests to experience the entire space fully before reaching their rooms. With porches and jaali walls, guests are invited to be one with their surroundings. The southwest walls are solid and house a planter bed, which protects the villa from harsh rain or sunshine equally.

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