PayU, Mumbai

1800 sq. ft

Andheri, Mumbai

Commercial Office

March - May 2017

This particular project was all about converting challenges into concepts. Restricted working hours and a tight timeline required us to think innovatively and experiment with modular and pre-fabricated furniture. Chipboard, Polycarbonate and an MS structure proved to be an interesting combination of materials that allowed for easy installation. We created two functionally diverse prototypes and detailed out joineries with these materials in advance for installation at the site over weekends.



The Chipboard Grid – This unit was made of modular chipboard cubes and functioned as a space divider and storage unit for the office. It also allowed for the creation of seating alcoves at intervals, which were used for both formal and informal discussions.

The Half and Half Screen – Made of polycarbonate sheeting and chipboard, these customized MS joineries allowed for the quick installation of the screen. This particular combination of materials made the space feel light and spacious.