2100 sq. ft

Byculla, Mumbai


Oct 2017 - Feb 2018

Restaurants in Mumbai are one of the few public spaces that architects have the freedom to experiment with. It was our desire to design Goyaa to be an expression of that freedom. In the quest to discover a new design aesthetic for restaurants in the city, Goyaa was envisioned to be a canvas of neutrals to keep the emphasis clearly on the food and beverages served. To further enhance this, we steered clear from walls filled with disconnected and meaningless artworks and artifacts and stuck to a clutter-free aesthetic that evoked comfort through simplicity.


The 2100 sq. ft. column-less warehouse was just a shell – no plaster, no flooring, no walls - which we designed to translate the chef/owner’s journey from small scale delivery kitchen to a full service restaurant and bar. The space boasts two striking elements, the stepped seating and the open kitchen, which takes inspiration from the former outlet and has been re-interpreted to create an engaging social landscape that is unique to the restaurant.




The largest challenge was that of the open kitchen and its effect on maintaining the efficiency of the air conditioning. In order to solve these issues we placed the hot range at the rear of the kitchen, refrigerators at the front and created a double fresh air buffer between the heavy exhaust and the air conditioning. The capacity of the AC’s had to be increased to ensure a cool atmosphere despite the heat from the kitchen.





A minimalistic design meant a concise material palette with each material solving a key purpose. 

Metal - Lightness; Glass - Transparency; Concrete- Solidity; Wood - Warmth;