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Bharuch Fields

220 sq. mtrs

Bharuch, Gujarat

Holiday home

Design Proposal

This project involved creating a simple functional holiday home for a family with Gujarati roots and a love for the outdoors. It was pertinent that the home could be used in parts, upholding privacy but still preserving the sense of family and hence visual connectivity. The primary concern was to ensure the home was well protected from the harsh sunlight. The introduction of covered outdoor sit outs and break out zones, paired with small opening located at floor level allows for the home to be kept cool without restricting the connect to the outdoors. The roof scape forms an interesting talking point where in it functions intelligently during rain or sunshine. 

The plan is simple and effective and is fashioned around a courtyard with a shallow pool that allows to regulate the temperature within the home. Pockets of garden and water bodies isolate the bedrooms and living spaces, while the overhang of the roof onto the corridor forms a transition from the outdoors.


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