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Studio STaND

400 sq. ft

Chembur, Mumbai



Bringing our studio space to life involved the remodeling and restoration of a part of a 60 year old bungalow. Sustainability assumes the core of our values at STaND and exploring this belief in the design and conceptualization of our own studio became inevitable. Old terrazzo floors were re-polished, white paint was scraped off the old windows to expose the original teak wood frames, old doors assumed a new life by retrofitting glass in place of the original wooden panels and reclaimed wood was used to hand craft lights and drawer facias. 

Designing for an open plan was key to allow for the free flow of energy and the multi-utilization of space.



The studio boasts a material palette of teak wood which beautifully contrasts the birch plywood that is used to create all the cabinetry and shelving. 

No cabins or partitions divide the team and the founders, instead an ingenious sliding bookshelf appears for a little privacy when needed and hides itself under the guise of an ordinary bookshelf when not.




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