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Sanitation Revolution

STaND was provided a challenging opportunity to create an innovative solution, through design, to the current sanitation systems used in rural India. We developed an ecologically friendly sanitation toilet for private households (of up to 6 people) to encourage zero open defecation and promote privacy for women and children. Our solutions were presented at a conference held in Delhi by the United Nations University- MERIT.


Through our research at rural sites we discovered that the simplicity and aspirational nature of the toilet would be key. We needed to create a structure that convinced rural Indian’s of toilets being a representation of upward mobility.

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The model we created is a consolidated hybrid unit, which includes innovation and design of the sub-structure and the super-structure (Government of India approved) and assures ecologically sensible waste management, ease of construction and stops ground water pollution.

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The installation was carefully thought through. Easy execution and maintenance was paramount considering the various geographic conditions in which the toilet would be constructed. It was also important to factor in user behaviour and acceptability.

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