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Three Tone Wood House

850 sq. ft

Bandra, Mumbai


Nov 2020 - July 2021

The apartment rests upon the sloping terrain of Pali Hill – Bandra, where the home indulges in uninterrupted views of the Arabian waterfront. This 2-BHK bachelor pad spiritedly deceives the numerical square footage the dwelling was formerly granted. With detail and nuanced materiality being the frontrunners, this residence breathes life into the vision of savouring company and solitude in equal measures. The loft-design aesthetic is headlined by Bauhaus sensibilities in tandem with the triad of wood tones that christen the home. The project has been viewed from the vantage point of an interior architecture project wherein critical walls have been iterated to assume an exalted sense of connection.


The trio of wood tones makes a debut across various surfaces. Ash Black Oakwood dots door jambs and integral cabinetry. Oakwood ascribing to its textured and Scandinavian-inspired finish bathes larger surfaces like partitions and panelling ensembles. Solid Teak wood has been employed in the creation of statement furniture that ties in with the overruling narrative of the home.

The line of sight is compellingly focused on the sea and sky and the components in the space in the form of furniture, fixtures, and material silhouettes don a sleek character to keep the focus steadfast upon this unparalleled view.


The open plan living, and dining space form the nucleus of the abode. The walls separating the living from the secondary bedroom were done away with to create spaces that could be linked or disengaged upon a whim by a central partition system. The locus of this space is a deep-navy sectional sofa that is the muse of the room


Underscored by a retro-inclined sentiment, the suave study cum guest bedroom is representative of simplicity and a sharp design grammar. The study lends itself as an extension of the living room and opens to interact with the living space when the client hosts. The space poses as a secluded area to work remotely out of while anchoring a diwan-style pull-out bed to host guests.

Monochromes dominate the visual palette of the master suite. A floating bed grounds the space and is harboured by a panelled headboard in ash black oak which is suffused with concealed storage for the bibliophile’s vast collection of books. The sea-facing glass-lined perimeter of the bedroom generously integrates the indoors and the outdoors; a reading and meditation nook finds its rightful place here to witness the sky, sea, and land converse.


The layout unfurls with a galley kitchen that functions adeptly as a pantry of sorts for the bachelor. Compact yet pragmatic, the synergy of colour and texture is the protagonist in this spot — the charcoal cabinetry, textured ochre subway tiles, ebony granite, and the oak-toned finish create a stimulating visual.


With the elimination of a former internal wall and a glass partition being installed in its place, the master bathroom fuses itself into the blueprint of the ensuite bedroom to initiate dialogue amidst the spaces. Hidden away deftly behind blinds that can be drawn at will, the glass-lined bathroom soaks in views of the sea while endowing the end-user with privacy.


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