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Citrus Pay

1000 sq. ft

Khar, Mumbai

Commercial Office


We were asked to design an office space that catered to a young team, which was vibrant and inspiring. The project had to be approached in parts as we were required to update spaces as the office grew and more team members were added. We decided to create a modern, minimalist and multi-functional space that fit Citrus’s own approach to their work. Shades of light wood with pops of the brand colour made the space seem both calming and vibrant.

22_MD's Cabin Gif.gif

As a company run by young directors, their cabins had to match their outlook, comfortable spaces that welcomed people and discussions. This was achieved by using easily movable furniture that could create multiple spatial configurations, which included a sliding table pinned to a track, light weight tables constructed in sycamore and feature lighting that mimics these moldable arrangements.


Throughout the space we created customised furniture and workstations, storage details and a feature trellis to really tie the different spaces together.



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